DIY // Shopping Bags

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⇢ How to Make PawesomeTV Shopping Bags

⇢ Instructions ⇠
Watch the pawesome video where I show you how to make it and print the template. To print, click HERE or the picture below for the template. Templates are made to be one page only. If needed, resize to one page. For best results, print on high quality and in portrait.


  1. Cool i gonna do that so My future Lps Chanel i doft have à Chanel now but i gonna get one!��

  2. Why are the bags so tiny when you print them??

  3. I like to shop at target and the american girl doll store!

  4. also, can you please do a diy on backpacks?

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  5. I like to shop at target and the american girl doll store!

  6. AWESOME i am a HUUUUUUGE FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. i loves it! p.s i have subscribed i love your channel

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  10. hey i love it but when i print the bags the old navy one does not show up im on mac and i simply am clicking the picture and printing it Am i doing somthing wrong?

  11. Great idea. I love the idea of tiny shopping bags. Thanks, so much.

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  17. How do you make your shopping carts?

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